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Our story

FFWD started 20 years ago as a development agency for software and websites. Mobile apps, SAAS solutions and touchscreen applications were added later. The demand for specialized developers was high and in 2010 it was decided to set up its own development office abroad. Serbia was chosen because of the availability of highly qualified IT professionals, the people and the pleasant way of working and communicating. Remote collaboration soon turned out to be a success and not much later we decided to offer nearshore outsourcing as a separate service. We are now adding our fellow developers to remote teams for our customers, who work from one of our offices in Serbia and the Netherlands.



FFWD supplies tech specialists in most web, mobile and desktop technologies and UI / UX design. Based on the desired skill set or team layout, we will help you find a developer for your existing team or put together a fully functional, independent team. 


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Even though we use these technologies the most, we are certainly not limited by them. We have experts available in PHP, MySQL and MongoDB on the server side, Gulp for automation, Android, iOS and UWP for your mobile applications. Just let us know what technology your project demands and we will tell you if we have a match in our talent pool.


Vicert, Gateway, Floro, IT Partners, UBS, Syntrus Achmea Real Estate, MN, IKEA, Cushman & Wakefield, Lianeo, Honeywell process solutions, Urban Properties, APM Terminals, KH Engineering, VVV, Hoyer, Golden Tulip, Red Star.



  • Quickly deployable, reliable and of high quality. 
  • Dutch or English management and support. 
  • More than 20 years of experience in the field of programming.
  • All programmers have a good understanding of the English language.
  • You are and remain the owner of the software.
  • Transparent registration of time and activities.
  • By accepting our terms and conditions, we immediately arrange a confidentiality agreement.



In determining the rates, we always look for the right developers for your situation. Factors that play a role in this are the duration of the assignment, complexity and required skill set. 

Do you prefer to work together on a project basis? If the scope of your project is clearly framed and you want a quotation with a fixed price, no problem! After all, it's about the solution. Request a free quote for the project that you have planned or visit for our method and recent cases.


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