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FFWD 10 Years 01
Dec 6.

Yay, we’re 10!

Time indeed flies when you are in good company. It’s already been ten years since Future Forward opened its doors in Niš, and we believed that’s a cause for celebration.

The company organized various team-building activities at a nearby Safari Club. Everyone tried rifle shooting, pistol shooting and participated in games without borders.

We had so much fun doing new and different things together. It was a chance to test our teamwork, too - and we nailed it! Plus, it was cool to discover that our girls have better aim than guys.

 Our Office Manager sums up the results

Naturally, we had a short training on shooting from a firearm and received all the necessary instructions. For some, this was the very first time to hold a weapon of this kind. Getting to know the differences between shooting a gun and shooting a rifle was also interesting.

After the Safari Club, we went to the Malča winery and had a small tour through the famous wine cellar.

Future Forward take a tour through the famous wine cellar

The birthday lunch there was exquisite, and we raised our glasses to so many birthdays and victories to come.

Anniversary Party