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Jun 3.

5 Reasons to Improve Wayfinding

Wayfinding technology is designed to assist the visitors find their way around. It can completely replace the analog signs and transform any space.
Smart Wayfinding is innovative directional signage that will help you modernize your company.

There are many reasons to upgrade your analog signs, and here’s a few important ones:

1. It’s cost-efficient and time-saving

Switching from paper to digital signage has many benefits, but the most obvious one is the fact that there will be no more paper! And that means no more printing or lengthy set ups - everything you need displayed can be on the screen in just a few clicks.

2. It’s remote and easy

You will be able to manage your digital wayfinding system remotely and update anything, anytime. Whenever a change occurs, it can be implemented as soon as you type it in.

3. It’s eco-friendly

If you’re thinking of going green, digital wayfinding is the first step! Sustainable signage is more environmentally friendly than outdated, analog signs. Your company won’t need as much paper as before, and you could be saving the planet one E-Ink screen at the time.

4. It looks great

Different types of elegant displays will guide your visitors to their destination. A set of interactive signs can show directions, important announcements, or anything else you might need. A modern wayfinding design will leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

5. It’s cutting-edge

Everything around us is becoming digital, and wayfinding signage is no exception. Replacing traditional signs with interactive wayfinding will make your company look forward-thinking.

Emilija Nikolić

and Kia Groeneveld