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Luxor Theater

Custom Digital Solution for Luxor Theater

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Future Forward's Custom Digital Solution for Luxor Theater



Luxor Theater, a renowned theater in Rotterdam, hosts a variety of famous artists and has a restaurant called "Café Dox." As a part of their efforts to improve customer experience, Luxor Theater approached Future Forward to design and develop a custom digital reception kiosk for their restaurant. The goal was to replace the traditional staff member that welcomes and assists guests with a digital solution that can handle four main functionalities.


The Future Forward team faced two main challenges during the development process. Firstly, they needed to create a user-friendly interface that could cater to a diverse audience of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of their familiarity with technology. Secondly, they had to integrate the kiosk with Luxor Theater's existing systems, so that it could display ticket information, notify restaurant staff about appointments, and allow guests to subscribe to the newsletter.

Digital Reception at Luxor theater entrance


To address these challenges, Future Forward developed a custom digital solution, a reception kiosk with a simple and intuitive interface. It featured four primary functions - ticket information, appointments, food and drink, and newsletter subscription. The interface was available in both English and Dutch, to cater to the diverse audience of the restaurant. The kiosk was seamlessly integrated with Luxor Theater's existing systems, providing a smooth experience for guests. When a guest had an appointment, they could enter the name of the person they were meeting, and the system would notify them via a phone call. The kiosk displayed information about upcoming events and performances by connecting to the ticketing system. The food and drink functionality enabled guests to browse the menu and place orders through the kiosk, eliminating the need for a waiter to take their order.


The digital reception kiosk developed by Future Forward has been a resounding success for Café Dox. Guests have found it convenient and easy to use, which has helped to reduce wait times and streamline the guest experience. Staff members can now focus on providing better service to guests, and the newsletter subscription feature has allowed Luxor Theater to expand its reach and communicate with guests more effectively.

Digital Reception at Cafe Dox entrance


Future Forward's custom digital solution has provided Luxor Theater with a modern, user-friendly, and efficient way of welcoming guests to their restaurant. The digital reception kiosk has improved the overall guest experience by reducing wait times, streamlining processes, and providing guests with relevant information. This project showcases Future Forward's expertise in designing and developing digital solutions that can address the unique challenges faced by businesses.


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Luxor Theater

Year: 2023
Categories: Touchscreen, Digital signage

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