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Great marketing tool for city marketing

Digital city tourist guide

So what is it?

Your personal digital city guide

Every tourist wants to take the best out of his trip and wants to know all the must see's. A guide in a crowded tourist city would be very helpful . It's a boost for hospitality and a great tool for city marketing to show your guests the best spots. Today's tourists are highly digital people, they prefer the digital assistance. That were the ingredients and motivation to develop the concept and the app CityDotz. 

CityDotz is a network with touchscreens that runs on our digital interactive platform touchscreen software and a mobile application customized for a certain city. It shows relevant location based content, so every touchscreen in the network has his own configuration. Because the of the speed and dynamic information in order to serve and guide the tourist CityDotz is customizable in one mouse click and changes content in a second through the whole network. CityDotz connects with it's mobile phone app and gives you suggestions, reviews and offers along the way. Integrated optional chatbot can truly assist at any time, it is a learning machine and if it makes a mistake live support will be there for you.

In short CityDotz is your personal digital cityguide.

User's Question / Perspective:

How can we make an assistant that is closeby along the trip for 24 hours that can lead you to the great spots in order to raise our client satisfaction and hospitality ?

Technical information:

CityDotz is a Saas solution that run's on our digital signage platform. User management is arranged through several permission layers so the content is managed properly. We implement smart cashing which predicts where you will be so it is working while offline too.


Technology & Software

  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • HTML5
  • React, react-native

 Software features list includes:

Touchscreen application 

  • Local information
  • Qr code - for the go
  • Offers
  • Video
  • Videocall
  • Map printable
  • Routes

Mobile app (Android & IOS)

  • GPS
  • Chatbot (optional)
  • Map
  • Share
  • Connection with beacon technology (optional)


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Great marketing tool for city marketing