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Nameboards touchscreen application

List and sort important data for your visitors on a touchscreen application at the point of entry


Touchscreen application to list the important data for your visitors

How often have you found yourself in a shopping mall, airport or a business building and wondered where you needed to go? What's the location of that specific store you're looking for? Where is the office where you should have a meeting with your partners? Everybody gets into situations like these sooner or later. That's why we decided to fix that problem - for everyone!


We bring you the solution for your visitor point of information. We bring you Nameboards!

Secoya Building


Visitor point of information (POI)

As soon as your visitor enters the location, they will see a pleasent touchscreen application that's both easy and intuitive to use and has all the information they initially need. By choosing one of the items on the screen (e.g. the name of company), the visitor gets the information about the selected item - its location in the building, as well as an optional map or a drawn path showing them how to get there. Each item can have various additional information assigned to it.

Likewise, each Nameboard can be customized to suit your needs, whether it's showing you the latest news, the latest tweets or even showing live data in combination with our own Hospitality manager. For example, it can be used to greet the incoming visitors as they enter your building. Its integrations are easy and its possibilities endless when it comes to the ways it can be customized to serve your visitors' needs.


Information suitable for the Nameboards touchscreen application

We can use almost any type of information for the items shown on screen. Nevertheless, some of the more common ones are:

  • Name (of a company, or a person)
  • Phone number
  • Floor
  • Description
  • Images
  • Video
  • Contact person
  • And much more...



React on the frontend makes the application fluid and stable, while our CastIt platform maintains the realtime flow of information, automatic updates, and the general status of the application. 


Here's how some of our clients like to use it:

Columbus main screenColumbus single company


Secoya main screenSecoya company listSecoya company infoSecoya building overviewSecoya building information


Gebouw 144 mainGebouw 144 company list


Technology & software:

  • Based on our Castit platform
  • React.js
  • HTML5


  • Works offline
  • Realtime updates when online
  • Flexibility in displaying content
  • Customizable


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Nameboards touchscreen application