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Optics software as a service

Touchscreen application & web 3D try-out catalog

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Entrepreneur optician with a great idea


It was a great privilege to work on the idea of our client Adcons4u - a touchscreen application for opticians and their customers accompanied by a web-based catalog, which allows you to try out all the glasses in 3D. As a SaaS solution. 

Challenge accepted!


Optics Instore Touchscreen App (OITA)

This application has been developed specifically for the Optics industry.

  • The customer can watch the latest news and weather forecast on the touchscreen while waiting in the shop.
  • The customer can also get all the information about grinding glasses, cleaning glasses, the latest trends in spectacles and contact lenses, etc.
  • All content is published by the Optician from the application backend.
  • A very popular feature is the ability to try out the glasses on the touchscreen.
  • The customer can take photos of themselves wearing different frames and compare them side by side.
  • It's possible to share the photos with a friend via email, which makes the choice of the right frame easier and more fun.

OITA is intended primarily for the Optician, who uses it as an assistant for selling glasses.

For example, the Optician can show the effect of a particular type of glasses to a customer in a video or a photo, and there are many additional options as well. It's a unique application that leaves a positive impact on the customer experience. In addition, the Optician is always there to assist you while you're using the touchscreen application.


Optician Home Web App (OHWA)

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OHWA is 100% seamlessly compatible with the OITA, and it allows the customer to access it from the convenience of their home or any other place which has internet access.

Through the Optician's website, the customer can view a portion (10% - 30%) of the collection that's in the online catalog and even try out the glasses using a webcam. The chosen pair of glasses will be rendered on the customer's face in real time.

If a customer has made a choice, they can reserve that pair of glasses when making an appointment.

Importantly, the Optician's service is available 24/7 for all the existing and new customers who are online.

Sign-up and profile creation

OHWA creates an online customer profile. It's possible to sign up via Facebook, Twitter, Google and email. After a few short questions, OHWA turns into a facial analysis tool, which can be either automatic or manual. When the analysis is complete, the customer will be able to see which frames and shapes match their facial features the best. Of course, the automatic option is still user-customizable.


Virtual glasses try out

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Next, the customer can try on the glasses virtually by using a webcam. This means that the glasses appear as if they are really sitting on the face and move along following user's movements - all rendered in real time. The user can also see the glasses from all sides, since they are rendered in 3D.

Using OHWA, the Optician is always open for business as everything is done online and their presence on the social media allows them to increase their brand-name recognition. Therefore, the Optician follows the digitalization process and keeps in pace with the technological trends in order to meet the demands of the customer. Through online advertising, the Optician can increase his consumer base outside their brick and mortar business.

In addition, the Optician can view the customer's profile even before they arrive for the appointment and ask much more specific questions during the eye measurement and the interview. The customer, on the other hand, can also view their profile at the store via OITA while waiting for the appointment. Therefore, OITA and OHWA are linked together and make up one system. OHWA also offers a high degree of customizability, since after the initial setup it's possible to expand its functionality further.

Touchscreen application for instore optician customers, web catalog & 3D try-out online application

Year: 2017
Categories: Web, Touchscreen, Website, Castit, Digital signage