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Enterprise mobile application

IN SPIE - SPIE 9 min

Do you have 5k+ people in the company? Does your company engage with it's employees?

SPIE does!

…by using an enterprise mobile application that we built for them.

We love making smart and creative software solutions for complex corporate markets. SPIE Netherlands gave us a chance to prove this by letting us develop a mobile communication app for their company. Our cooperation with SPIE was a roaring success, which resulted in more than 4,500 downloads of the app within a week of its launch.

By offering their employees useful information in the areas of safety, HP, sales and communication, our app has quickly become the most important tool for internal communication! It allows our client to get their message across the company through news, push notifications, polls, customization, messaging, feedback & more.

The app is available on all three major mobile platforms: Android, iOS and Windows mobile (version 8 & 10 which was a thing at the time but is now canceled along with our app support), and meets the highest demands in terms of usability and interaction design. Built using react-native & winjs, these apps don't behave any differently from any other app which is built using native code, since they all run natively on each of the three mobile platforms. Moreover, by using the react-native framework, we were able to implement advanced user interfaces and ensure that our client's specification was fully met.

In addition to being functional, our app is designed to meet the highest standards in enterprise security, since it connects to SPIE's Active Directory where all data is safely managed and stored. We were easily able to add a server based on our proven technology to their stack. Everything is integrated seamlessly.

An enterprise mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile

Year: 2015
Categories: Mobile application, Server