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Medication Reminder: Pill App

The Top-Rated Pill App on the App Store

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Never Forget Your Pills Again with Medication Reminder: The Top-Rated Pill App on the App Store

Medication Reminder: Pill App is a must-have app for anyone who takes medication on a regular basis. This app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play and can help you keep track of your medication schedule, ensuring that you take your pills on time every day. The Medication Reminder: Pill App is easy to use and customizable, allowing you to set reminders for different medications at different times of the day. With this app, you can take the guesswork out of your medication schedule and never miss a dose again.

Never forget your medsEasy to use interface


The Pill App: Medication Reminder is an app that helps users keep track of their prescription schedules. The app was originally released on Google Play and got positive user feedback. Given the app's success on the Android platform, we chose to distribute it on iOS as well.

This case study will go over the steps and best practices for releasing the Pill App on the iOS platform.

The app's creators, the Future Forward team, approached the project with excitement, knowing they had a great chance to create an app that could potentially help millions of people manage their medications. They started by examining the code and design of the Android app and devising a strategy for adapting it to iOS devices.


We thoroughly researched the App Store guidelines before beginning development on the iOS version to guarantee compliance. We had to make updates to the app and also add some new features in order to make the app more user-friendly. Because we wanted to target all major markets, we needed to ensure it was localized for all necessary languages including: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Serbian.


1. Development

To develop the iOS version of the app, we used React Native programming language . We created a separate iOS testing platform and developed the app from the ground up. One of the most difficult jobs during the process of development was to make the app compatible with various iOS devices and screen sizes. To guarantee that the app worked seamlessly across multiple devices, the team had to perform extensive testing.

2. App Store Submission

After we finished all the processes, we submitted the app for a review. To prevent rejection, we had to ensure that the app complied with all of the App Store review process rules.

The marketing team was also required to create app metadata, such as descriptions, screenshots, and videos, to highlight the app's features and usefulness.

3. App Store Optimization

After the app was approved, we concentrated on increasing its visibility on the App Store. This is referred to as App Store Optimization (ASO). The team did keyword research to determine the most relevant and popular app keywords. They used these keywords in the metadata of the application to increase its visibility on the App Store. Also, in order to improve the app's rankings, we kindly asked users to leave positive feedback.

4. Marketing and Promotion

To promote the app, the marketing team used a variety of marketing platforms, including social media and email marketing. There are plans including online advertising as well. We also made video tutorials to demonstrate the app's features and usefulness and shared them on social media. The team also reached out to healthcare and wellness influencers to evaluate the app and promote it to their followers.


Medication Reminder: Pill App was successfully released on the iOS platform, and users responded positively. The team's efforts to improve the app's visibility on the App Store were rewarded, as the app ranks high for the appropriate search terms. In order to keep the users engaged, we are working hard to improve the app's functionality and introduce new features.

Customizable reminders with alarmQuickly add your meds


An excellent example of how an effective app can be released across various platforms is Medication Reminder: Pill App. The team's thorough preparation, programming, and App Store optimization, combined with marketing efforts, aided in the success on the iOS platform. Our ongoing dedication to improving the app's functionality and adding new features will ensure that the app thrives and successfully helps users handle their medication schedules.

Feel free to check out the Medication Reminder Pill App website for more information.

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Medication Reminder: Pill App

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