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Maptomize customized for the great megastore

IKEA - Mockup

You've heard of IKEA, right? The world-renowned household brand? They realized how important indoor location is from very early on and their interest in this area only grew stronger with the advancement of technology and digital signage. They reached out to us to help them transform their floor signs and bring them up to pace with the current trends in indoor mapping.

With the help of a little elbow grease, we turned their old wayfinding board (shown on the left) into a fully functional digital solution using Maptomize, our indoor touchscreen map software (shown on the right).

ikea traditional signageikea7 yep

Tailored with IKEA's design philosophy in mind, the main application is installed on 3 large 42-inch touchscreens, which are spread over the store in Barendrecht, in the Netherlands. These stands attract the attention of shoppers, who readily approach them to navigate the most efficient route in the IKEA maze and quickly find the items they're looking for.

The visitors can also browse the newest edition of IKEA's catalogue, find out which special offers are available and even transfer the entire application onto their mobile phones and simply walk away from the large touchscreen display with all the information still available at their fingertips.

In addition to providing relevant information to its users, the application also records which items IKEA's customers are searching for and supplies the store with statistical and analytical data.

Ikea store maptomize - find your way through the store

Year: 2015
Categories: Touchscreen, Mobile, Maptomize