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Advanced software for building management

Secoya takes a lot of inspiration from nature in order to create a positive, healthy work environment that inspires creativity and productivity and promotes personal and professional growth. That's why they built the Secoya Campus or "The Living Building", which offers its tenants a perfect combination of nature, health, work-life, sustainability, connecting and meeting.

Our partners at Secoya understand the importance of modern building management and that engaging with the building tenants is the key to running a smarter business. They also see the advantages and benefits that software and modern technology have to offer. In other words, they use our Hospitality Manager.

An integrated software solution, a blend of technology, design, digital signage, way finding, and a modern mobile app for the tenants - all in a single package. That's what Hospitality Manager is all about.

All tenants as well as their visitors can register at the Secoya Hospitality Portal, where they are greeted on the big screen every day. Through large digital touchscreens, which are placed in every hall and in the restaurant at the Secoya campus, tenants can easily see which companies are currently present on the premises, and a high-resolution map of the entire campus allows them to see the companies' exact location. Last but not least, tenants are also able to find out the latest news and check out Secoya's latest tweets at the bottom of the screen.

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Year: 2017
Categories: Hospitality Manager, Nameboards, Castit, Mobile application, Website, Digital signage

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