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Cuts & Colours

Our Castit platform in action

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Meet Cuts & Colours

Everywhere you look, no matter what line of business, you'll always find companies that are willing to go one step further, push the envelope and raise the bar when it comes to customer service and customer satisfaction. A great example of such a company is the chain of hairdresser salons Cuts & Colours, who wanted to make their business smarter by getting rid of the uncertainty and the waiting times that come with the traditional appointment system. They asked us for help, and we set our minds together to create a brand new check-in system for them that's modern, innovative, eye-catching and above all efficient.


A great idea. A new concept. A franchise!

Using our own amazing Castit platform, we were easily able to make digital signage and a custom application for our partners at Cuts & Colours, which separates them from the crowd and puts them head and shoulders above their competition. The application, which runs on top of a large touchscreen display, is located at the entrance of every Cuts & Colours salon where it immediately grabs the attention of customers, who regularly use it to quickly check in for their next appointment.


A daring blend of design and latest technology

Sporting flashy colors and attractive imagery, the touch application displays all the available products and treatments which are offered at Cuts & Colours as well as their corresponding prices. Its clearly organized interface structure guides you step by step along the way and lets you choose the combination that's right for you, whether you're looking for the more basic 'wash & cut', or you're feeling a little more adventurous and want to give your hair the 'creative cut & style' along with the 'creative colour' treatment.

As they go through the selection process, customers are offered the complementary Cuts & Colours mobile app, where they can find out more about their savings system. They can also choose a refreshing cup of coffee to make their overall experience more enjoyable. When the check-in is complete, the customer receives a small printout with their corresponding choice of products and treatments, which they can then take to their hairdresser. This way, they can be sure that they'll receive the right kind of service, and that nothing will get lost in the translation.

Lastly, if they just want to pass the time, customers are also free to check out the always up-to-date 'Lookbook' and see which hairstyles are currently in trend.  

Cuts & Colours

Year: 2016
Categories: Web, Touchscreen, Castit, Digital signage