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InCompany App: A modern corporate communication solution


Do you communicate efficiently with your employees? With the InCompany app, you have all the information in one place!

The InCompany app is the latest internal communication solution! It is a mobile intranet platform that informs and connects employers and employees. Send news updates, push notifications, polls, messages, feedback, safety notifications and more to all employees or specific groups.



The company at your fingertips

It is useful as a company to have all information in one place. It improves internal communication and digitization saves time for employees. A business app is the perfect solution for this!  

The InCompany app connects employees to the right people with just one click. The contact information connects colleagues at any time. Inform your employees via personal notifications about the latest news, important internal information, internal vacancies and more!


The InCompany app is the business app for your company. That is why tailoring the app to your design and 'look & feel' is no problem! Your corporate identity, your branding.



Does your company use existing software? Connecting with existing software in the InCompany app is no problem! We adapt the app to what your company needs.



The safety of workers is a priority. Increase safety awareness with the LMRA checklist, focus reports, safety messages and emergency numbers with instructions.


The app is available on the three major mobile platforms: Android & iOS and it meets all requirements in terms of user-friendliness, privacy and security. The data within the app is protected and AVG compliant.

Take a look at the video below to find out more about the InCompany app.

Looking for a custom business app? We are happy to help!
Contact us or visit the InCompany website for more information.

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InCompany App: A modern corporate communication solution

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