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Custom made software solutions Tailor-made software for you

Our clients are great people. They understand that running a business in today's competitive market needs to be smart. You came to the same conclusion - you need to make your business smarter. That's where we enter the picture.

So let's talk about your line of business and analyse it together. Let's set our minds together. Let's think, plan and approach it from all the different angles. We use our expertise to deliver the best products and services for our clients. Let Future Forward extend your team.

Usually, from our experience, better software is a key step to making your business smarter, whether it's innovation or 'just' the digitalization of an analogue process.


But where does the 'opportunity for you' part come in?

Well, let's say that you had a problem and that we managed to fix this problem together. It would be very likely that this was a branch or a niche-related problem. That would give you the opportunity to re-sell our solution to your entire branch. This is the reason why we offer SaaS in addition to conventional software.



The 'Software as a Service' or short SaaS is what we specialize at. Whether we're talking about a monumental application or a microservice architecture, we are ready and already have a proven track record. In other words, you can use the software that we made for you to resell it to your peers and 'competitors'. 

We let the examples below speak for themselves. Note however that this is just a small selection. Check out our portfolio for a full list of our projects and contact us when you feel convinced.

InCompany App: A modern corporate communication solution

INCOMPANY APP, A MOBILE BUSINESS APPLICATION.Do you communicate efficiently with your employees? With the InCompany app, you have all the information in one place!The InCompany app is the latest internal communication solution! It is a mobile intranet platform that informs and connects employers and employees. Send news updates, push notifications, polls, messages, feedback, safety notifications and more to all employees or specific groups.

PropCentral - All-in-one Property Management System

Our property management system - PropCentral - upgrades any facility to a higher, modern level and connects owners, managers, tenants, and visitors of an office building under one, user-friendly community platform.

Castit - An interactive digital signage platform

Castit - it's the answer to modern communication with the crowds.

Maptomize - Touch application for indoor maps

Maps, maps, everywhere. Your traffic navigation has maps, Google has maps, Microsoft has maps, Apple has maps (fixed), but...

Nameboards touchscreen application

Touchscreen application for welcoming & onboarding visitors  

A great tool for city marketing

So what is CityDotz?

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