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Dec 23. Case Studies

Zaanse Schans - A trip through Dutch history

A historical landmark combined with our information distribution software.

A historical landmark combined with our information distribution software.

Zaanse Schans

Situated on the river Zaan, just north of Amsterdam, Zaanse Schans lets you experience what life in the Netherlands used to be like in the 18th and 19th centuries. Every year, almost a million tourists flock to this beautiful residential area to enjoy a lively scenic view filled with windmills, wooden houses, barns, museums and workshops.


The challenge

Due to the growing popularity among visitors coming not only from the Netherlands, but from all over the world, Zaanse Schans has become one of Holland's most appreciated and valuable tourist attractions. With almost one million visitors per year, optimal distribution of information is of vital importance. Zaanse Schans needed a convenient way to easily provide their visitors with relevant and timely information and therefore a better service.


The process

Every tourist wants to get the most out of their trip and visit the major tourist attractions. That is why it can be very useful to have a digital tourist guide at your disposal, especially when you visit busy tourist hotspots.

Bearing this in mind, we came up with a solution based on our CityDotz platform - information kiosks that work on our digital interactive platform, accompanied with a mobile phone application. All the touchscreens are tailored to closely fit the needs of Zaanse Schans and its locations. This way, relevant information is distributed quickly and efficiently to a large number of visitors.

All the content and information contained in these kiosks is extremely easy for the employees to manage. It can be adjusted with a single click, and new content is added immediately to the information kiosks. In addition, CityDotz connects to its mobile phone companion app and offers the visitors suggestions, reviews and offers along the way.


The result

Our new information kiosks act like magnets for the tourists. They enhance the visitor experience and provide the visitors with current and relevant information.

Benefits of our information kiosks:

  • There is a timely response to the needs of the customers and the target group.
  • The screen can be controlled from any location using an internet connection.
  • Costs are saved.
  • Customer and visitor waiting times are reduced.
  • Provides the target group with current and relevant information at all times.
  • Makes it easy to display and promote offers.
  • Can easily display digital menus.
  • Keeps visitors aware of the weather conditions and the latest news.
  • Visitors are entertained, thus resulting in an enhanced visitor experience - which is what it's all about!


Do you need an information kiosk or a touchscreen solution for your visitors?

At Future Forward you came to the right address! With over 20 years of experience, we are an extensive resource for digital signage solutions, ranging from hardware to software development. We deliver everything in one complete solution, which is tailored to closely match the needs of your business. Our services include, digital signage, concept and branding strategies, deployment and installation, monitoring and support. In the world of services, we bring together design, strategy and technology when it comes to digital signage.

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Zaanse Schans - A trip through Dutch history

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