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Xella Vie - From paper to pixels

Digitization of the ‘Xella Vie’ employee magazine

An international provider of sustainable building solutions

Xella Holland was officially founded in 2003 and has quickly expanded its business worldwide. During the following decade, Xella became a transcontinental company by extending its operations to Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. Since then, the company’s rapid expansion has not lost its momentum. Today, Xella is one of the leading companies of building and insulation materials with over 7,000 employees.

Xella distinguishes itself in the world of construction services by making special insulation building materials, such as sand-lime brick, which is produced entirely from mineral and natural raw materials. This way, Xella’s products contribute to energy efficient building construction and conservation and preservation of natural resources. In short, Xella stands for smarter, more efficient and more sustainable building.


The challenge

Another thing that sets Xella apart from their competition and allows them to remain successful is that they fully embrace all the technological advancements and try to utilize them to their full potential in order to optimize their business processes. Xella recognized the benefits of digitization and decided to reinvent their internal employee magazine Xella Vie by switching to a digital, web based application format. They contacted us, and we were happy to help.


The result

Xella Vie

Our cooperation with Xella was a complete success! We made sure that the transition went as smoothly as possible and that we fully captured the spirit and the design principles of the old Xella Vie magazine.

In addition, Making the transition from paper to pixels provided Xella with a number of benefits. First, they managed to substantially reduce the production costs, since there was no more need to print out large quantities of paper for its distribution. In accordance with that, the costs of waste paper management were reduced as well. This allowed Xella to prove once again that they are a truly environmentally friendly company that cares about the natural resources and sustainability.

Second, the web application which we have developed for Xella Netherlands significantly improves how the content is managed and delivered to its end users. Since all the content for the magazine is now stored and accessed from one centralized location, it can be easily controlled, edited and updated via the internet. This allows the administrator to provide the reader with information that is always up-to-date and make later corrections and adjustments if needed.

Lastly, since the magazine needed to be made accessible from a number of different device types, we decided to use a responsive design for the Xella Vie web application, that adapts well to various form factors. This way, the content of the magazine always takes the center stage, regardless of whether the web application is accessed via a computer, a tablet, a mobile phone, a smart TV or any other device.

Xella Vie Design

Xella Vie Responsive Design 


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Xella Vie - From paper to pixels

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