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Truckwash in Niš

Our long-term clients came to visit

It’s only natural to want to get to know people you work with. Although, in this day and age, that’s sometimes quite a challenge. Future Forward has been collaborating with Truckwash for some time now, and they decided to pay us a visit!

Partners from Truckwash walk through the center of Nis

We were thrilled to welcome one of our biggest clients and show them around the city. They had fun meeting the people responsible for maintaining and constantly improving their product.

As their software partners, we’ve been responsible for updating everything in the Truckwash world. We’ve built a software solution according to their requirements that combines their experience in the field with our experience in IT.

Having a great time with partners from Truckwash

Our Truckwash guests spent a couple of days here, and since it was their first time visiting Serbia as well as Niš, we did our best to make them feel at home.

Spending some time with the people we’ve been cooperating with for so long was an amazing experience. It was a unique team-building occasion and we’re happy we’ve got the chance to do it.

Future Forward and Truckwash Team Photo


Aleksandar Kitanovic

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and Emilija Nikolić

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Truckwash in Niš

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