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How SPIE Netherlands increased its employee engagement with an Enterprise App.

‘’SPIE Netherlands strengthened its internal communication with more than just a functional enterprise app.

‘’SPIE Netherlands strengthened its internal communication with more than just a functional enterprise app.’’

SPIE Netherlands

SPIE Netherlands is a subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the fields of energy and communication. SPIE Netherlands assists its customers in the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of network systems and energy, infrastructure, industrial and building installations. SPIE Netherlands is one of the top 3 technical service providers in the Netherlands.

With more than 46,500 employees and a strong local presence, the SPIE Group generates sales of € 6.1 billion and EBITA of € 388 million in 2017.  - SPIE Netherlands


The challenge

With more than 2,600 employees in the Netherlands, strong internal communication is extra important to SPIE. For SPIE Netherlands, growing along certainly meant in this case: Benefiting from new and innovative technology. A smartphone is different from a desktop or laptop. Fast, effective and always at hand. More interaction with employees via a large-scale company app was therefore the challenge.

During the development of the app, there were the following criteria that the app had to meet:

  • News Update: Previously SPIE sent a magazine to all employees. A lot of work, a lot of printing costs, not sustainable. The demand was therefore high to be able to send a news update to the employees.
  • Security: Data processing and security system, reporting unsafe situations. There was a high focus on improving safety. This was improved by incorporating certain things into the app. For example, a special checklist was developed to point out safety to employees.
  • Keep it internally on the network: There was a great need to keep the new app on the internal network of SPIE Nederland. Close collaboration with SPIE Nederland was necessary to achieve this.

The app was developed with a view to a user-friendly management system and a user-friendly interface. This also involved many challenges such as:

  • Making the app with all wishes and requirements; a personal profile of employees and a user-friendly management system.
  • Logically displaying news and improving internal communication.
  • An address book with all location and contact information of employees of SPIE. Fast way to find someone in the company.
  • Company promotion with all information such as values, mission, company videos, internal vacancies and other company information in one overview.

The process

Together with the communication department of SPIE Netherlands, we looked at what should be included in the app. It was clear that the app must improve internal communication and therefore must be flexible and scalable. With a listening ear to the specifications and wishes, we began to work on the wireframes and design. The next step was to design a prototype. After a successful pitch in which SPIE Nederland agreed with the prototype, we started developing the app.

We proudly introduced the IN SPIE app. The latest digital tool for all SPIE Netherlands employees. The app is available on the three major mobile platforms: Android, iOS & Windows Mobile (version 8 & 10). It was important to make the IN SPIE app work on Windows Mobile as well. This challenge arose because of the Windows phones that SPIE Netherlands provides to its staff. Besides, we have ensured that the app meets all requirements in terms of user-friendliness, privacy and security.

The app is developed in react-native & win.js and works the same as any other app developed with native code, as it is running natively on the three mobile platforms. Also, using the react-native framework, we have been able to implement advanced user interfaces and it is fully compliant with our client's specifications.

The app is not only intended to be functional, but is also designed to meet the highest security standards as it connects to SPIE's Active Directory, where all data is securely managed and stored. We could easily add a server based on our proven technology. Everything is seamlessly integrated and users can use their existing user data to log in to the app.

The IN SPIE app enables employees to register their hours, report sick, make a focus report, read the latest news, receive (personal) reports and find the contact details of colleagues and other branches. The company movie can also be played via the app and all current information about the work that SPIE does can be read. The options are always expandable to grow with the company.


The result

We love to create smart and creative software solutions for the complex business market. SPIE allowed us to demonstrate this by developing a mobile communication app for their company. The app was launched for the annual roadshow where the campaign passes many SPIE locations for an annual update. This was a huge success resulting in more than 1,000 downloads of the app within a week of its launch.

By providing their employees with actionable information in the areas of security, HR, sales and communication, our app has quickly become the most important tool for internal communication! Our client can share their messages with the entire company via news, push notifications, polls, security alerts, general messages, feedback and more.

IN SPIE app is a multifunctional platform and mainly saves SPIE Nederland time and unnecessary costs. But above all, it has resulted in higher employee satisfaction. Our collaboration with SPIE was a huge success:

"SPIE Nederland believes it is very important to invest in good communication between the company and the employees. Our goals were to involve employees more in what is happening within our company, to strengthen the ambassadorship of our employees and to digitize and simplify certain actions, such as reporting an unsafe situation. To achieve our goals, we needed a new internal communication tool that supported the "Digital Transformation" of our parent company, the SPIE Group. Building an app was our solution. In a very short time, Future Forward created the IN SPIE app: within the timeframe that we had discussed and exceeded expectations when it came to layout and service. "- Bianca Bernard Communication manager SPIE Netherlands.

IN SPIE App Nederland


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How SPIE Netherlands increased its employee engagement with an Enterprise App.

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