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Skills Navigator


Skills Navigator


 Skills Navigator Interreg Vkaanderen-Nederland

The aim of the Skills Navigator project is to address the imbalance between labour supply and demand in the border region, which is a major problem in this area.

The problem: a shortage of skilled personnel, especially in certain sectors. At the same time, a part of the population is unemployed. The labour market requires 21st Century skills, now as well as in the future. This poses a big challenge, since the region is not doing well when computer skills are concerned. Yet, the demand for these skills is increasing more and more in various professions.


Skills are important

The right skills are the key to employment and well-being. With the right skills, people are qualified for good jobs.

For companies, a good match between the right skills and the available jobs is extremely important. They need to be able to compete, develop and quickly respond to new trends around the world. If our region is to maintain its position as a forerunner in innovation, it must continue to provide the right people with the right skills.


Labour market

The region urgently needs to make better use of the available skills. It needs to straighten and redirect skill-building in the direction towards 21st Century skills where necessary. The starting point in this process is the labour demand and the employers, since they are the ones who can most accurately determine which skills are in short supply. That is why they must take responsibility.

Together with the education and the training sector, they need to teach the right skills to young people and job seekers. This way, young people can easily enter the labour market and help businesses in the border region find the right, well-educated people. They also need to provide every young person and job seeker with the right orientation towards a job position that is tailored to their skills in order for them to have a fulfilling career.



City of Ghent (project manager), City of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen (UWV), Municipality of Terneuzen, Skilliant, Artesis - Plantijn Hogeschool, Thomas More Mechelen-Antwerp, Kazi nv, Scalda foundation for secondary vocational education and adult education, Stichting STC-Group, VDAB, Samenwerking Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (SBB) and Future Forward-Portstream b.v.


More information 

Program: Interreg V programma Vlaanderen-Nederland

Project Website:




+31 (0)623180365


Skills Navigator is financed by the Interreg V Flanders-Netherlands program, which is a cross-border cooperation program. This program receives financial support from the European Fund for Regional Development.


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Skills Navigator

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