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Self service kiosks: 24/7 at your service

Besides knowledge about technology topics, we also love sharing about developments that are new, even to us. We have recently come across a self service kiosk, but not just any kiosk. After a short introduction to self service kiosks, we will tell you more about our new discovery.

Self service kiosks are touchscreen kiosks that, generally, offer a certain service. Normally this service would be provided by an employee, but it is now taken over by a kiosk. Between 2022 and 2028, the self-service kiosk market is expected to grow by 6,5 percent annually.

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We hear more and more about enormous personnel shortages. Employers are crying out for new employees and have a hard time filling the gaps. Self-service kiosks can then be really beneficial. The staff that would usually take orders, can now fill the gap at another place in the company. But, you will probably think, there is always a person behind the kiosk preparing the final order. However, that too is no longer necessary. Even a personnel shortage behind the kiosk can be solved by technology.

Where at huge fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King you order at a touchscreen kiosk, but your order is sent to the kitchen and prepared over there, some companies take it a step further. There are now self service kiosks that not only take your order but even prepare it for you. At this particular kiosk (see below) you compose your own pizza, it is prepared inside the kiosk and delivered to you freshly. Everything is handled within the machine. You no longer need employees to prepare orders. This is an ideal outcome for personnel shortages, but it also means that you can order a pizza (or anything) 24/7. We are no longer bound to limited opening hours. 

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We often relate self service kiosks to the hotel and catering industry. However, it is good to be open to all other opportunities these kiosks bring and the potential that they have. Generally, the kiosk offers a service that would normally be provided by an employee. Whatever the client needs, from now on this can be offered by self service kiosks. Apparently, that goes much further than just assistance. As seen above, self-service kiosks are able to prepare products. But besides food, also think of providing room keys in hotels, visitor passes in office buildings, and much more. Self-service kiosks are multifunctional.

If you are planning to implement a self-service kiosk in your company, you may struggle to outsource this project. Every company is different, has a different workflow, and has different things to offer. This uniqueness should be reflected in the kiosk’s software. It should offer all necessary functionalities and even go beyond that. Therefore it is important to have the software customized and entirely tailored to your needs.

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Kia Groeneveld