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Oct 28. Case Studies

IKEA Barendrecht

‘’An enhanced visitor experience with Maptomize as digital signage. ’’IKEA BarendrechtIKEA, the world-famous home furnishings store of Swedish origin with branches worldwide, was founded in 1943.

‘’An enhanced visitor experience with Maptomize as digital signage.’’

IKEA Barendrecht

IKEA, the world-famous home furnishings store of Swedish origin with branches worldwide, was founded in 1943. In 2001 the store opened its location in Barendrecht.


The challenge

Previously, IKEA Barendrecht only used traditional signage. IKEA Barendrecht wanted to increase its visitor experience and avoid possible frustration in finding the right route. Determined to improve the visitor experience, the challenge arose to transform the traditional signage into an interactive way of wayfinding. It is a well-known phenomenon that Ikea makes a maze of their stores so that visitors unwittingly stay in the store longer. With over 38,000 m2 of retail space, IKEA Barendrecht realizes that optimal indoor signage in the store is very important. The signage is therefore mainly intended to show progression and "an end" so that you do not get frustrated and look for abbreviations. Interest in that field of signage has been enhanced with the advancement of technology in that field. The challenge was to make it easy for visitors to navigate through the store and to the products they are looking for.

Statische bewegwijzeringStatic signage from IKEA Barendrecht.

The process

Our services include digital signage, narrowcasting software, concept and branding strategy, rollout and installation, monitoring and support. In short, we bring together Design, Strategy and Technology. IKEA Barendrecht underwent a complete overhaul of digital signage in collaboration with Future Forward.

To enhance the IKEA Barendrecht visitor experience and welcome visitors, three large 42-inch touchscreen kiosks were installed in the store in Barendrecht, The Netherlands. Traditional signage signs were replaced by a fully functional digital solution using Maptomize. Maptomize is a software solution for the management and display of digital interactive floor plans. The interactive touchscreen maps clearly show the route and ensure that visitors can navigate to the correct destination with the desired information.

The screens, that are easy to access on the most efficient route in IKEA, grab the attention of shoppers. By being able to navigate and quickly find the items they are looking for, IKEA offers optimal and up-to-date service. Visitors can also browse the latest edition of the IKEA Catalogue and find out what special offers are available on their route. They can even share the application with their mobile phone, allowing them to continue walking with all the information still at their fingertips.


The result

The primary goal was to increase the visitor experience by optimizing the signage. With maptomize that is certainly succeeded, visitors can now more easily navigate within IKEA Barendrecht using the digital touchscreens.

"In February, we were asked to set up the Maptomize touchscreen concept, along with several company-specific wishes, for the Ikea branch in Barendrecht. We were able to implement the total concept within a short time and since yesterday, customers can go to the kiosks", says Dennis Groeneveld, director of Future Forward. "Thanks to Reklaspits, who have ensured a fantastic design of the information kiosks on which the digital floor plans can be seen." - Dennis Groeneveld


Informatiezuil ikea5New IKEA Barendrecht information kiosks. 



  • Navigation: Visitors can easily be guided to the desired destination using the touchscreens.
  • Increased visitor experience and increased guest service.
  • Statistics and user analysis
  • User-friendly CMS Management System
  • Location markers
  • Adding floors in a building.

Are you looking for an interactive digital signage solution? - We are happy to help!

With Maptomize, you can show your customers, employees and visitors the right direction and help them find the destination they are looking for. Maptomize can be used for expo events, such as the one we did for our partners at People's Business, or for a store floor plan, as we created for our customer IKEA. In short, if you need an indoor floor plan - Maptomize makes that possible. For more information about Mamptomize click here or contact us to discuss together the possibilities!




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IKEA Barendrecht

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