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Oct 14. Case Studies


"Digital Signage is the key to a unique franchise formula. ""How Cuts & Colours uses Digital Signage to improve its service and customer experience.

"Digital Signage is the key to a unique franchise formula."

"How Cuts & Colours uses Digital Signage to improve its service and customer experience."

Cuts & Colours

With more than 10 locations, Cuts & Colors has grown into the hair salon chain of the South Holland region. The innovation barbershop offers customers a no-nonsense hair experience with and without an appointment. And for customers who do not want to wait, Cuts & Colors uses the smart online check-in service.

Cuts & Colors is not just any barbershop, it goes a step further, pushes its boundaries and sets the bar high when it comes to service and customer satisfaction. Cuts & Colours makes a difference with technology by removing waiting times and uncertainty for customers. - Cuts & Colours 


The challenge 

Cuts & Colors always has the will to surpass itself. This created the question: "How can we further increase the hair experience and customer satisfaction?" "Cuts & Colours asked for our help and together we found the solution for a new unique concept.


The process

Together with Cuts & Colours, we searched for a suitable new concept in which Digital Signage plays the leading role. Using our own CastIt platform, we were able to easily develop interactive digital signage and a custom application for our partner. This is the way the company differentiates itself. The unique formula makes sure Cuts & Colours has its head and shoulders above their competition.

The application, which runs on a large touch screen, is located at the entrance of every Cuts & Colours salon. It immediately catches the attention of the customers who use it regularly to quickly check-in for their next appointment.


A daring mix of design and new technology

In collaboration with the customer, we have coordinated colour, typography and images. The sporty, flashy colours and visually appealing images are strongly supporting the brand's image. The touch application shows all available products and treatments that Cuts & Colours offers as well as the corresponding prices. The clear and user-friendly interface guides the customers step by step through the process and lets them choose the combination that suits them. Whether they are looking for a standard "wash & cut" or want to have a more adventurous treatment and opt for the "creative cut & style" together with "creative colour" treatment, everything can be booked.

Cuts & Colours objective was to remove waiting times and uncertainty. Together with the customer and due to our experience and expertise, interactive narrowcasting seemed the best solution. We developed a check-in procedure for the touchscreens. With this touchscreen, customers go through a selection process.

While the customers go through the check-in procedure, they can select the cutting time and learn more about the savings system with the additional Cuts & Colours mobile app. In addition, the user can also opt for a refreshing cup of coffee that makes the overall customer experience more enjoyable. When check-in is complete, the customer will receive a small printout with the associated products and treatments, which can then be sent to the appropriate hairdresser. This way they can be sure that they are providing the right service. And to make waiting times more pleasant, the touchscreen offers a '' lookbook '' where customers can see which hairstyles are trending and suit them best.

In short, we have designed a new check-in system that is modern, innovative, eye-catching but above all efficient.

cuts and colours colors touchscreen digitale menukaart interface software
Cuts & Colours touchscreen system.

The result

Cuts & Colours is the perfect example of how CastIt can be used as a unique franchise formula. Increasing the hair experience has certainly succeeded. This innovative concept has given Cuts & Colours a competitive advantage.


  • Promote products and promotions to customers.
    Be able to update content when new promotions go live, in line with the broader Cuts & Colours marketing plan.
    Soften waiting times and remove uncertainty for customers.
    An effective way of planning with the check-in system.
    A cost-effective digital signage solution and user-friendly software.

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