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8 advantages of digital signage

Digital signage is trending more than ever and digital screens are indispensable. More and more companies are starting to recognize the value of digital signage.

Digital signage is trending more than ever and digital screens are indispensable. More and more companies are starting to recognize the value of digital signage. The market is growing every year. Digital signage offers many advantages, it is innovative, and can be used in any company regardless of their line of business. Not sure if digital signage works for your company? We have listed the main reasons for using this type of signage: 


Increasing the visibility and enhancing the experience

Many companies struggle with self-promotion. How do you reach the right audience through all the marketing channels? Digital signage can easily solve this problem by attracting your potential customers and focusing on them as your target group. Did you know that digital signage attracts 72% more attention than online ads?


Customer relations

Unlike a standard TV running a cable news channel, well-positioned digital signage messages allow you to promote special offers that are aimed specifically at your target audience. For example, in a business environment, a digital signage display in the lobby can be used to welcome scheduled salespeople, guests and other visitors when they arrive - a simple move that builds goodwill and a positive corporate image.


Internal communication

Ever thought of using digital signage to improve internal communication? Digital signage substantially increases the involvement of your employees. A high involvement rate in the workplace ensures that your staff is satisfied, and it increases productivity by 21%.



Efficient communication is essential in a fast-moving company. Digital signage can quickly and efficiently display information and messages to customers, employees and guests. For example, if the management wants to communicate some essential information to its employees during the production process, such as production quotas, performance, average working time or delivery information. In these and many other cases, digital signage has the ability to quickly and effectively relay information to your staff. Furthermore, all the information can be adjusted easily and automatically.


Optimal experience

Digital displays capture 400% more views than static screens. Not only do they capture more views, but their recall rate is 83% - significantly higher than other media. This guarantees an optimal experience in the store, waiting areas, hotels, restaurants. It also greatly facilitates attracting new visitors and customers.


Increased Sales

A combination of powerful text, images and videos have a major impact on purchasing decisions, especially since 60% of a customer's purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale. In addition, approximately 80% of brands using digital signage displays experience a sales increase of up to 33%.



With a few clicks, all your ads can be optimized and displayed to meet the exact needs of your target audience. Live updates ensure that all your content remains up to date. In addition, the cloud-based digital signage software makes it possible to easily adjust multiple screens with a single click.



In addition to being efficient and straightforward to use, digital signage is also cheaper. With digital signage, all the costs of printing paper, its distribution and waste management are avoided.


Is your company looking for a suitable digital signage solution?

Whether it is a business TV channel, a digital menu or a digital business card, our digital signage solution Castit is easy for everyone to use and connects your company to your audience. Register now or visit our Castit website for more information.

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8 advantages of digital signage

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