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6 advantages of digital signage for indoors

Signage has always played an integral role in buildings, such as large workplaces, healthcare institutions, universities, business centers, etc. However, in recent years the way signage is implemented has changed tremendously, with digital signage displays placed in different strategic locations to interactive digital touchscreen kiosks, which allow you to find the information you need on your own. Digital signage improves the experience of visitors and guests and helps them easily find their way around your facility, building, office or campus.


Narrowcasting and Digital Signage

Digital signage offers numerous possibilities and advantages over static signage. Nowadays, you can find digital signage everywhere, and the possibilities for its use are seemingly endless, ranging from digital displays, digital receptions, interactive touchscreen displays, digital nameplates and door signage. In short, today’s technology revolutionized how signage works. Are you looking for a digital signage solution for your facility? Below you can read more about the advantages of using digital signage.


Quick and easy decision making

Making a good first impression is very important, especially when it comes to the first impressions that your guests and visitors are going to get when they enter your facility. This is where digital signage comes into the picture. Digital signage is always there to show the right route to those who need it, even if there’s no staff present to ask for directions. Interactive wayfinding signage allows your visitors to see exactly which route they need to take in order to get to the right destination.


Personalized navigation

With interactive wayfinding, the information is adapted to match the needs of your visitors. Do you have a visitor coming in for an appointment? With interactive wayfinding signage, they are able to log in and find exactly on which floor they need to be. Is your visitor looking for a specific place or department in your facility? A touchscreen kiosk allows them to easily find all the information that is relevant for them.


Always up-to-date

Unlike static signage that can quickly get outdated, digital signage is always up-to-date. This is the main reason why static signage is impractical. Making changes to your static signage, like putting different names on the nameplates in your building requires a significant amount of time and money. This is even more expensive and time-consuming in dynamic environments where these names tend to change frequently, environments such as meeting rooms, flex offices, hospitals, etc. With digital signage, these changes can be implemented with a single click. In short, the digital signage software ensures that the content on the screen is always up-to-date.


Multiple platforms

Digital signage extends beyond digital displays. It is an entire ecosystem that allows your visitors to get acquainted with the map of your facility and helps them find an appropriate route before they even set foot on site. Specifically, it allows your guests and visitors to quickly view the route they need to take on their mobile phones. This way, they have the entire map of your facility right in their pockets and at their disposal at all times.


Software integrations

Digital signage allows you to integrate your existing software. For example, you can integrate your online calendars, so that all the scheduled meetings are automatically displayed on the display. This way, your staff always knows which meetings are about to take place and where.


Detailed information

With static signage, providing visitors with too much detailed information can quickly cause an information overload. However, this is not the case with digital signage, since it provides the visitors with timely, relevant information. Wayfinding signage offers a lot more than just point-to-point directions. Its functionality can be extended, whereas this is not the case when it comes to static signage. For instance, digital signage kiosks can easily be combined with business directories to help visitors find people, not just offices. Their menus offer various search capabilities, such as searching for different company departments, facilities, leisure areas, exit locations, etc. In addition, digital signage allows you to show detailed information for each floor. It allows you to easily find the floor and the exact location of each department in your facility. 


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