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Working from home during the corona crisis: This is how you do it!

Will working from home become the new standard?

These are remarkable and extraordinary times for everyone. Due to the strict measures taken against the coronavirus, most of us are forced to work from home. For some, working from home was already a reality even before even the outbreak of COVID-19. Some of us enjoy working from home, while others are slowly beginning to miss the office atmosphere and chatting up their colleagues. As days go by, some of us have really learned to appreciate the value of the office setting and not being distracted by playing children. Still, this situation has its advantages, for individuals as well as companies.

Four out of 10 workers are already used to working from home. Last year, 3.5 million people worked from home occasionally. On the other hand, there are 5.5 million people who never worked from home at all. So, as these figures show, for many, working from home was an uncharted territory. In any case, the measures taken against COVID-19 have been extended until the 28 of April, with no end-date in sight. So, it is most likely that we will be working from home for quite some time and have make do with online meetings and online Friday afternoon drinks.

Being online and working remotely is now more important than ever. Companies have no choice but transition to fully digital working methods. For example, some of the major international companies, like Apple, Google and Microsoft have introduced a mandatory work-from-home policy. So, some employees work from home for the first time in a considerably different environment that does not lend itself very well to productivity. Managers and employers are still hesitant when it comes to working from home, because they know that a certain level of control will inadvertently be lost. Nevertheless, corona virus or not, the key to successful working from home lies in clear communication with the colleagues and knowing exactly what is expected from you. At the moment, it is important for companies to use the right resources and the right communication channels. Here at Future Forward, we are accustomed to working remotely and everything is communicated digitally between our two branches. We rely on tools like Slack, ActiveCollab and the Google Business Suite to help us communicate efficiently and work productively

Nowadays, companies are discovering new creative ways to work efficiently and maintain high productivity, which is something that they previously thought was impossible. In fact, employers have no choice but to become more flexible with the use of technology. Being online and working remotely is now more important than ever, and this is becoming pervasive in business. Consumers and entire domiciles are now turning to online ordering as viable alternative to purchase daily necessities. This way, large retailers and webshops have reported significant growth, and companies have put extra focus on their online sales channels.


What is your digital response to the corona crisis?

The corona prevention measures affect us all and have a significant effect on the economy. We are witnessing the growth of e-commerce because everyone is now online. How can you, as a company, effectively respond to this? 

The measures affect every market and every company in a different way. Some are taking advantage of the crisis, while others are going under. That is why it is very important to be constantly aware of the situation and to take advantage of the possible opportunities both internally and externally. So, start with a situation analysis. Is everything working on the operational level? Are we working with the right resources? What software does your company need?

Since the majority of people work from home now, and consumers massively flock online, your target group is most likely online as well. This is why it is the right time to think about the ways in which your business can develop to ensure that it survives this rapidly changing environment. Whether it’s about improving and optimizing your website, content and social media strategies or creating new digital products that are currently in high demand.

It is clear that the corona crisis will leave a huge impact not only on our economy, but also on the way we conduct business, how companies deal with new technologies and through which channels companies offer their products and services.


Are you looking to hire a programmer or developer?

Future Forward has over 20 years of experience in software development and provides IT Outsourcing services through its offices in the Netherlands and Serbia. Our people are selected on the basis of their professional competence, but soft skills such as communication skills and work attitude must also be in order before they are included in the outsourcing team. Existing customers such as Citrus, Gateway and Vicert appreciate us for our proactive attitude and the advantage of the Dutch support.

We specialize in SilverStripe, React & React-native, Angular, Nwjs Development and Node.js. We have a lot of experience with booking systems, visitor registration, digital signage, community portals, touchscreen applications, mobile apps and web development.

Would you like to know more about our working method, available candidates or hourly rates? Please visit us at FFWD Outsourcing or contact us directly.