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Why wayfinding is essential for your organization

We've all had this experience. We walk into a building, don't know exactly where we need to be and the directions are not clearly marked. Nevertheless, we can see more and more spaces that are furnished in a friendly manner with digital solutions that clearly indicate where we need to go. Digital signage is increasingly becoming an invaluable tool on company campuses, events and public spaces around the globe.

Wayfinding refers to information systems that guide people through some physical environment and increase their understanding and experience of space. What used to be static imagery has now been digitized. In recent decades, a lot has changed when it comes to wayfinding and digital signage. Signage has now grown into user-oriented, technology-driven and highly integrated information systems. Wayfinding signage is at its core and it improves the experience of your visitors. If the signage of a building is not clearly implemented, the building comes across as a lot less hospitable, and creating a positive impression for your visitors is one of the top priorities.


Why use signage?

Most often, signage is the first point of contact that visitors have with unfamiliar surroundings. The purpose of signage is to answer the visitor's questions, such as: Where am I? Where is my destination? How do I get to my destination? Navigating public spaces like hotels, airports, museums, etc. can cause a lot of stress and frustration. That is why it is important to provide the visitor with clear and concise information that they need at that very moment. Today, navigation systems exist in many shapes and forms, and using today's technology, visitors can easily navigate their surroundings using various touchscreen systems.


The characteristics of a well-functioning signage system are:

  • Clear visual communication
  • Information that is relevant for the visitor
  • Doesn't require visitors to think too much


Improving the company image

Strategically implemented signage does not only help visitors navigate through a complex space but also improves the brand image and the overall user experience. This is because brand image is closely related to visitor experience. It’s a combination of a visitor's first-hand experience of a company and the knowledge of the company that this visitor has acquired from other sources. This is why it is vital for companies to establish and maintain their brand across all channels, including products, services and experiences.

Wayfinding helps create that experience. Organizations with large facilities need to ensure that their visitors can navigate them efficiently in a stress-free environment, while at the same time going through all the necessary contact points and leaving the building with a positive experience - an experience that further strengthens the company image.

Understanding the amount and the type of information that people are able to store and what they clearly see as opposed to what they overlook is crucial in determining the best solution. It is important to know when there is enough information and when there is too much information. Effective communication strategies such as these are crucial to improve the user experience and strengthen the company image.

Every place has a story and every story has a place. Creating an appropriate wayfinding strategy that promotes brand consistency shows the company's commitment to their customers. A brand that understands its audience's needs and communicates efficiently will always be at the top of the competitive ladder. That’s what wayfinding is all about - effective communication. By using the right branding and design strategy, a company can show why it is important and what it stands for.


Every project has different demands and requirements. Here, at Future Forward, we adapt our software to the needs of the company.


Maptomize - Your digital wayfinding guide!

Wayfinding signage come in different shapes and sizes. With today's technology, touchscreens are used more and more, and the same holds true when it comes to wayfinding. After all, we belong to a generation that loves to use Google Maps and other navigation apps. In other words, when we need to get somewhere, we prefer to be independent. When potential employees, visitors or guests arrive at your building, providing them with the right wayfinding tools to navigate your premises independently is essentially your gift to them.

Maptomize supports digital signage in buildings, public spaces, etc. Its interactive floor plans help visitors easily navigate to where they need to go. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate additional elements, display additional information and add social media feeds. Digital signage can be added to any touchscreen device by scanning a QR code. This ensures that your visitors can navigate anywhere and can check in at any time.

Learn more about how Maptomize can support your premises!



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