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Software development consulting services

Let's say that you've had a company for years and, like everyone else, you've also had the software that helps you run your daily business. That’s why you have your own IT team with a mission to automate and cover all the areas of your business. Even though your IT team has grown over the years, they're still able to cover only a portion of your business and the initial problem is still unsolved - how to make your business flow automated and fully covered.

What's more, you face many challenges over time, such as company growth, restructuring and rapidly changing technology, which requires a flexible system that can adapt to all these changes. That's why you need a team of exceptional professionals who can evaluate, predict and set goals which will address all of the things mentioned above. However, many companies have a hard time finding, attracting, training and keeping good developers. All this can certainly be a quite painful experience.

Given the vital role that software plays in the success of the modern company, it is extremely important to get the right one. The available options are either to use your own in-house IT team or hire a software development consultancy company. But how will you know exactly when to look for an external service? The answer is easy - when some of the following criteria are met:

  • You want to automate processes which are repetitive and/or done manually to improve their efficiency and reduce errors.

  • You want to update the existing systems or fully re-implement them using modern technologies.

  • There are problems related to the performance, scalability or missing quality attributes of the existing system.

  • You already own an IT team but want to increase their efficiency.

  • Your company is missing a key software feature and the in-house IT team is unable to provide it.


When you decide to invite an external company to do custom software development for you, you need to have a clear vision where your business is going in order to relate it to the external IT folks.

What could an external IT service do for you:

  • Understand the elements of successful software development

  • Provide a proof of concept study and later models

  • Define the quality assurance strategy and practices at the beginning of the project, including creating a QA plan, functional, integration, unit testing and everything else that goes with it

  • Research and formalize the critical processes into usage scenarios, diagrams and schemes, test cases, user documentation

  • Offer and describe technical solution options that meet all requirements

  • Estimate costs and budget, set timelines for implementation, suggest ways of optimization, estimate risk management

  • Define technical reviews, release and revision rules

  • Provide a project management plan, continuous integration and delivery with refactoring


This is where we jump in. Future Forward is a custom software development company that provides IT services for its clients. Here's why Future Forward is a great choice for consulting services and custom software development.

In addition to consulting services, Future Forward provides outsourcing services as well, which are closely related to consulting services. We have a devoted team of IT professionals who have spent years together and have a lot of experience in development, knowledge of business processes and everything else that's required to give you right kind of results. We decided to offer consulting in addition to outsourcing services because this way our clients will benefit from a custom-developed software product with the added value of the highest quality of our outsourcing developers' team.

We've gained a huge amount of experience through constantly working with hundreds of clients at every stage of product development. We know what are the challenges and the hurdles, not just in custom software development but also in business. We're able to establish the right strategy so that the client gets the result he expects.


So what's it like when you hire us?

Let me tell you more about that, with a side note that not all the aspects will be covered, but only the most important ones.

First of all, if you choose us to provide you with custom software development and consulting services, you need to know that we understand that building custom software is a lot like starting a new business. It requires a balance between keeping in mind what the end goal is while adjusting to the current circumstances, starting with what business process needs to be done at a specific point in time, up to where it should be decided which technology should be used.

In practical terms, this means that we can help you bridge the gap between reality and necessity, all while staying within the range of your budget. We can help you develop a schedule and a precise timeline, which will serve as your guide in making important decisions based on viable goals. Also, an inevitable result, in the end, is that you will improve your practices. This is especially important when a company is expanding into a new software environment, such as making its first mobile app.

Here's the secret as to how we manage to do it. Since the people from our team spent many years together, they all work fluidly. Moreover, having worked with a great number of clients they are always up-to-date when it comes to modern technologies. We also use tools for analysis, review code and interview our key business partners to come up with a plan, manage risk and provide specific recommendations.

From day one, our IT consultants take the technical requirements and aspects such as performance, scalability and security into consideration at all times - at any phase of the project lifecycle. Based on these requirements they make manufacturer-independent recommendations to ensure that you'll get expected results in the long term perspective. Our expertise covers a wide range of designs and architectures, ranging from SOA, BPM, CRM, ERP, B2B all the way up to custom-crafted ‘best-fit’ solutions. It’s quite common for us to conduct user interviews to understand the basic challenges and identify user expectations. It helps us better understand the project and plan the technology and approach accordingly.

Our team of consultants perform intense brainstorming sessions based on your idea to define the necessary solution requirements and end goals. After that, we decide on the target technology and the stack that needs to be used using a target solution architecture approach. At the same time, our team is processing inputs and performing scalability, risk management, quality assessment, budget and timeline estimation and planning. This way the client gets all the flexibility that comes when using our consulting services.

In practice, this means that a process can start and continue almost anytime, with an option to easily resume in future and be applied either to smaller revisions or full new versions. With more flexibility, the client also benefits from lower costs. He can also rely on flexible software development, where development can be done once when it's really needed.

A big part of the whole process is quality assurance. We put a lot of emphasis on QA, as it can, ensure the quality of the end product, result in improvement of the client's workflow and establish and improve the QA department practices. Our quality assessment approach includes analyzing the QA needs, creating the implementation plan, process monitoring, development of custom training programs, creation of support documentation, etc.

The benefits of having such QA are invaluable since the client gets process assessment, methodology assistance, risk prevention, workflow improvements, all of which are essential for running a successful business. This way, you'll stay ahead of the competition, which is a top priority for today’s businesses.

In the end, as a results-oriented company, Future Forward believes that your company should have the right solutions in a business climate that's challenging and dynamic. From custom software development up to a full solution lifecycle management, our team will design and implement solutions that will fulfil the needs of your business.


Are you looking to hire a programmer or developer?

Future Forward has over 20 years of experience in software development and provides IT Outsourcing services through its offices in the Netherlands and Serbia. Our people are selected on the basis of their professional competence, but soft skills such as communication skills and work attitude must also be in order before they are included in the outsourcing team. Existing customers such as Citrus, Gateway and Vicert appreciate us for our proactive attitude and the advantage of the Dutch support.

Our areas of expertise include SilverStripe, React & React-Native, Angular, Nwjs Development and Node.js. We have a lot of experience with booking systems, visitor registration, digital signage, community portals, touchscreen applications, custom software, mobile apps and web development.

Would you like to know more? Please visit us at FFWD Outsourcing or contact us directly.


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