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How can you promote health and safety in the workplace?

Careless handling of rules and working with tools and other equipment involves a number of risks. Risks that you as an employer need to minimize with safety plans and measures. What can you do to improve safety in the workplace? Fortunately, you can do this by following a few simple steps.

Are your employees aware of the rules?

Working safely with tools and equipment is important. In fact, safe behavior is perhaps the most important thing on the work floor. A (pro-)active attitude of employers and employees is essential in order to promote a healthy and safe work environment. However, your employees must also be fully aware of the safety risks. Here, management plays a vital role. Clear information, clear work instructions, the correct use of resources, regular maintenance and inspection, often mandatory, increase the awareness and contribute to safety on the work floor. 


Challenge your employees!

In addition to having a safe workplace, as an employer you always want to have healthy personnel. However, this is sometimes difficult to achieve. Especially due to the fact that many employees often have to sit at their desks for very long periods of time... Employees are much more easily motivated if you challenge them! Challenge them to create a healthier and safer environment by, for example, replacing unhealthy snacks with fruit. By having all your employees involved in an activity, you are building a team and making it easier for your employees to discuss different topics among themselves. This, as a result, has a positive influence on the overall employee satisfaction in your company.


Use E-tools in the workplace

Advancements in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) ensure that more and more innovative E-tools are available. The occupational health and safety sector is no exception to this trend. E-tools are increasingly being used for monitoring working conditions, communicating instructions, etc. Software is often an inexpensive tool that allows you to improve safety in the workplace. For example, software can support work safety in the following ways:

  • Contribute to the implementation of laws and regulations at work
  • Help promote the health and safety culture (raise awareness and keep your employees motivated)



InCompany is our platform that keeps your employees and contractors safe, connected and informed. With InCompany, it's easy to monitor and improve working conditions and to point out the correct behavior to your employees.

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Castit - How digital signage contributes to security.

Corporate communication and creating a positive attitude among employees is crucial for a company. Digital signage supports internal communication not only in offices, but also in factories and various production processes. It's more important than ever for employees and management to have real-time access to critical business information. For example, the management might want to communicate some importent information to its employees during the production process, such as: the production quota, performance, average working time or delivery information. In these and many other cases, digital signage has the ability to deliver the right information to your employees. In addition, all the information can be adjusted automatically and easily. This increases staff involvement, which significantly improves security.

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