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Hospitality Manager - manage tenants & visitors easily

You are a building owner. You have tenants renting. You need to catch up with the latest technology and involve your tenants. You need a building management software

Manage visitors, involve tenants, track digitally

Hospitality Manager on mobile and computers

Involve Tenants

Tenants are your most important assets within your asset. Reduce micromanaging their involvement within your building. Give them control over managing the things important to them.

Appoint meetings, assign meeting rooms, invite guests. All formalities which required your tenants inquiring your staff are streamlined through Hospitality Manager. No more running up and down to the front desk and weird phone calls with forwards to the right person. Just a few clicks and it's done.

Hospitality Manager spots one centralized document library for you and your tenants. Share contracts, code of conducts, invoices and more with individuals and groups. Everyone involved has the same source of information.

Service tickets lets your Tenants be your eyes and ears. Give them the power to report shortcomings within your building. The Tickets allow you then to have a dialog and solve a problem together.

You have a restaurant near your premise? Share their menu or let them be your catering service! Hospitality manager is extendable in many direction, so your tenants can source everything they need to host a perfect meeting.

  • Manage meetings, rooms, people
  • Centralized document library
  • Service tickets
  • Extensions like Restaurant
  • Web access
  • Native Mobile App

 HMS situations

Manage Visitors

Visitors come and go. By law, you need to know who's in the building at any time. Hospitality Manager removes friction and adds guidance for your visitors. Make your visitors feel like guests and remove everything that's distracting them from doing business.

Checking-in your visitors digital. You can provide terminals to your visitors to register themselves. Tenants can fill announce their visit in advance and can even assign them a parking spot. From there on it is one click or touch to register attendance. Or have it completely automated. Recognize your visitors automatically through our parking solution.

Welcome visitors with a personal message. Hook a narrowcasting solution and wayfinding into the hospitality manager and guide your guests to their destination within the building.

  • One click front desk check-in
  • self check-in
  • Advance registration by tenants
  • Parking spot reservations
  • Automatic visitor recognition & checking (with parking spots)
  • Automatic Welcoming and Wayfinding

CW energymeter 01 squashed 

Track energy performance

Temperature, power, people. Your building is seemingly alive with all the energy going through it. With a centralized system, HM supports tracking and observing digitally how your building performs and gives insightful analytics and statistics inviting you to optimize. Discover bottlenecks in your estate and spread awareness for a greener behavior.

That is why Hospitality Manager was created. It comes out with:

  1. Parking control
  2. Automatic visitor recognition (through parking)
  3. Manage meetings, rooms, people
  4. Ticket system 
  5. Analytics & statistics
  6. Restaurant & other modules on your disposal
  7. Web access
  8. Native mobile application
  9. Seamless integration with our digital signage platform Castit, Maptomize and visitor POE Nameboards

Contact us for a full feature specification we can offer for your building needs.

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Hospitality Manager - manage tenants & visitors easily