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Optics Software as a service Touchscreen application & web 3d try out catalog

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Entrepreneur optician with a great idea


It was a pleasure to work out the idea of our Adcons4u client. A touchscreen application for opticians and their customers along with a web based catalog with a 3d try out for the glasses. In a SAAS solution. 

Challenge accepted!


Optics Instore Touchscreen App (OITA)

This application has been developed specifically for the Optics industry.

  • Through a touchscreen in the shop, a customer can watch latest news or the weather forecast while waiting.
  • In addition, the customer gets information about grinding glasses, cleaning glasses, the latest trends in spectacles and contact lenses, etc.
  • All content is published by the Optician himself from the app backend.
  • A widely used part is the use of eyeglasses through the touchscreen.
  • A customer can make pictures with different frames and see them side by side.
  • It is also possible to send them to a friend via email. It makes the choice for a frame easier and more fun.

OITA is also intended primarily for the Optician who uses it to assist in selling glasses.

For example, the Optician can show the effect of a particular type of glass with a video or photo and there are many more options. A unique application that has a positive impact on customer experience. The Optician assists you during the use of the touchscreen application.


Optician Home Web App (OHWA)

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The OHWA is 100% seamlessly comptabile with the OITA, but the customer can only call this at home or in another place with Internet access.

Via the Optician's website, the customer can view a portion of the collection (10% - 30%) in the online catalog and even try out the glasses, using a webcam, in real time glasses will be rendered on the user's face.

The Optician is open 24/7 for existing and new customers being online.

If a customer has made a choice then he / she can reserve the glasses when making an appointment, which extends from online to real life easily.

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Sign up and profile creation

The OHWA creates a customer profile online. Sign up can be via Facebook, Twitter and Google, as well as email signup. Following a number of short questions, OHWA is turning into a face analysis tool, which can be both automatic or manual. After the analysis  the customer will be able to see some frames and shapes that match the face shape the best. The automatic selection are still customisable by the user of course.


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Virtual glasses try out

Then, the customer can fit the glasses virtually using a webcam. This means that the glasses are really on the face and move along with the customer movements, real time render. The customer can also see any side of the glasses, as glasses are in 3d.

Through the OHWA, the Optician is always open since it is online and social media provides a wide spread of the brand name. The Optician follows the digitalisation in this way and complies with the time, to meet the wishes of the customer. Through online advertising the Optician can grow his audience outside the normal store hours.

Before the customer arrives for the appointment, the Optician can view the profile and ask even more specific questions during eye measurement and the interview. The customer can also view his / her profile at the store via the OITA while waiting, prior to the appointment. Thus, the OITA and OHWA are also linked together and make one system. The OHWA also offers the Optician maximum possibilities for setting it up, and further expanding it.

Some of the examples from  the web application (OHWA):


Touchscreen application for instore optician customers, web catalog & 3d tryout online application

Year: 2017
Categories: Web, Touchscreen, Website, Castit, Digital signage

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