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IN SPIE Enterprise mobile application

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Does your company engage with it's employees? Do you have 5k+ people in the company?

SPIE does

And they do so using the enterprise app we built for them.

The app is covering the 3 major mobile platforms, Android, iOS & Windows mobile (version 8 & 10).
Built using react-native & winjs, these apps do not differ from any apps built using native code. As they are indeed native apps. 

Integrated with the clients enterprise security, everything is seamless. Adding a server based on our proven technology to their stack was a breeze. 
News, push notifications, polls, customization, messaging, feedback & more is how our client is able to communicate across their company using the mobile application.

IN SPIE. mobile app for 3 platforms

Year: 2015
Categories: Mobile application, Server

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