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Models of engagement


So how can we make it work best for you?

We thought of 3 distinct ways of cooperation with you:

  • Bruto project
  • Agile MVP
  • Dedicated development team

Each has certain advantages over the other and we are always ready to combine them for your satisfaction. So what is each of these?


Bruto project

   Bruto project used to be most popular, typical waterfall way of working. It is working with a fixed scope and budget. We freeze features, agree on them and give you an invoice. You pay 30% upfront, remaining 70% on project done. This is how the traditional software was made.

It is best to choose when on a fixed budget and the features are precise and well known upfront.


Agile MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

   Agile MVP is the really popular way for startups and verifications of ideas but also for very big projects that are not very well defined. If you need to control your costs through a slightly smarter way and are unaware of all features but you have the core functionality - this is the way to go. We agree on the MVP and price it like bruto project. From there the real flexibility starts as we develop features on the go biweekly. And best of all is we can stop at any moment and you still have your product working.

You can think of this model if you want to launch your product on the market ASAP and tweak it and add features based on your funding, as you grow or by confirming the need with your clients.


Dedicated development team

   Dedicated development team is the most popular model with IT companies and IT professionals who already can manage projects and most likely have their own teams already, which we are glad to expand with our great staff.

It is most suitable for long term cooperation. Also it could be least expensive way if you already can control a team. It is paid monthly, fixed price per person.


So is this all fixed, can I change or?

No these are the basic models, of course we combine them in the most suitable way for you. For further information feel free to contact us.