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Frequently asked questions

We hope to answer some of the common questions right here and that you find what you are looking for.



Hey what are the models with which we can make the cooperation work?

We are glad you made the decision to cooperate. But we will celebrate later, now the models that we can work with are:

   Bruto project used to be most popular way. It is a fixed scope and price way of working. We freeze features, agree on them and give you an invoice. You pay 30% upfront, the remaining 70% when the project is done.

   Agile MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the really popular way for startups and proof of concepts but also for very big projects that are not very well defined yet. Also for all who want to control their costs in a slightly smarter way. By not requesting all features upfront, you have more control and more agility. It works in as follows - paying for the MVP price, just like in Bruto project model but it allows you then to introduce new features every two weeks and watch as your project matures while we are developing it under a lot more control from you and ability to change / be flexible or just confirm features on the go. Payment is also every two weeks.

   Dedicated development team is the most popular model with IT companies and IT professionals who already can manage projects and most likely have their own teams already, which we are glad to expand with our great staff. It is most suitable for long term cooperation.


Can I adjust models, features, etc. as we go?

Sure. Staying flexible is one of our key priorities. We’ll make sure to keep you aware and updated about all the best feature mixes, as well as support you in evolving your current engagement plan with us if that proves to be the best solution for your project.


Where are you? What is your time zone?

We are in Serbia & The Netherlands. We share the time zone of Central European Time.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept the standard wire transfers via bank, as well as PayPal and Bitcoin payments. For your convenience we can also proceed with the payment via third-party services such as freelance platforms.


How can I track progress of the work you are doing?

We will provide daily, weekly, monthly or any other way we agree status reports, share the necessary resources and communicate constantly in order for you to have clarity about what’s going on with your project. We care about transparency a lot.


What language can we use?

Being international and spread in more than 2 countries, we internally communicate in English. This means every of our team members speaks fluent English. But you can as well to communicate in other 2 main languages, which are Dutch & Serbian.


I am ready, where do I contact you?

Glad you made the right decision, click here.